Problem Solving Courts

Drug Court

What is the Drug & Alcohol program?

A program designed to provide offenders with the proper strategies and tools for overcoming alcohol and drug abuse and addiction issues, as well as, addressing other individual needs to assist them in avoiding the negative consequences to themselves and the community.

Through the evaluation process, a case plan and service contract are developed to achieve the best possible outcome for their success during their probationary period and throughout their lives. Clients are monitored based on a risk assessment also obtained upon entry into the program.

During their probationary period, clients are monitored a minimum of one time monthly, given random drug screens or portable breath tests to ensure they are compliant with the rules of the program and required to provide their case manager with general updates and reflect how they are progressing toward meeting their individual goals developed through the case plan and service contract.

Drug Court

Judge John Feick of Circuit Court 4 talks about rehabilitation programs offered by the Delaware County Courts. Drug Court is what the Indiana Supreme Court labels as a problem-solving court.

In Delaware County, the branch is referred to as the Forensic Diversion Drug Court. Potential candidates are screened and must be approved by the drug court committee before acceptance into the program. Those who fail to complete the program are remanded back to the originating court for evidentiary proceedings.

The three-year rehabilitation program requires substance abuse counseling, close monitoring by Forensic Diversion staff, payment of program fees, random drug screenings, and weekly court appearances.


“Addiction is a powerful thing. You lose your family. You lose your children. You lose your spouses with it.”

Judge John Feick reflects on his observations of the power of addiction as Presiding Judge over the Delaware County Drug Court since its inception in 2005.

A special drug rehabilitation program is offered to help offenders overcome addiction and receive the resources they need to recover. Those resources may include Alcoholics Anonymous, House of Hope, Recovery Matters, Meridan Services, Urban Light House as they attempt to rebuild their lives.

Veterans Court

What is Veterans Court?

Veterans Court is designed to provide our service men and women an opportunity to address their substance abuse issues and/or their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Veterans are required to participate in treatment deemed appropriate by their physicians or counselors at the VA, submit to random drug screens, attend appointments with a Case Manager, and appear in front of Judge Feick for Review Hearings. It is our hope thru this Court, Veterans would learn to manage their PTSD/TBI and address their substance abuse issues and not be part of the criminal justice system in the future. Learn more here.